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Internet and Computer Crimes

We defend individuals charged with internet and computer crimes. Mississippi and Federal prosecutors have special internet and computer enforcement units using digital forensic tools to aggressively investigate internet and computer crime.

Examples of Internet and Computer Crimes

  • Auction Fraud
  • Child pornography and exploitation of a child;
  • Counterfeit Cashier's Check
  • Cyberstalking
  • Debt Elimination
  • Employment/Business Opportunities
  • Escrow Services Fraud
  • Identity theft
  • International Money Laundering
  • Internet Extortion
  • Investment Fraud
  • Lotteries
  • Nigerian Letter or "419"
  • Parcel Courier Email Scheme
  • Phishing/Spoofing
  • Ponzi/Pyramid
  • Reshipping
  • Sales of dogs and other animals
  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Spam
  • Third Party Receiver of Funds

We represent clients regarding computer seizures, arrests, bond hearings, grand jury proceedings, and at all phases of the charges.

Computer Fraud

In Mississippi, it is a felony to use a computer, internet or electronic means to defraud, obtain money, property or services by fraudulent conduct or representation. It is also a felony to fraudulently alter, delete or insert programs. Viruses and hacks that damage computer software or hardware is also a felony.

Identity Theft

In Mississippi, it is a felony to use computer, internet or electronic means to attempt to, or obtain, the personal identity information of another. It is a felony to fraudulently obtain financial credit, purchase or lease property, obtain employment, access medical records, or commit any illegal act.


In Mississippi, it is now a felony to use the internet to communicate a threat or harass another. In some circumstances, it is a felony to make false statements using electronic communications, email, instant messenger or similar means. Enhanced penalties may apply if a person uses a computer, electronic or internet to violate a restraining order, probation, parole or pretrial release. Peaceable, non-violent, or non-threatening communications are excluded from the law. Constitutionally protected activity such as speech, protest, assembly or political views are excluded from the cyberstalking law.

Soliciting a Minor by Internet or Computer

Using the internet, computer or other electronic means to induce, persuade or solicit a minor for sex is a serious Mississippi and Federal felony. This includes electronic means such as chat rooms, instant messaging, cell phone texting and any other electronic means to entice, induce, persuade, seduce, advise or coerce a minor for sex. Undercover police officers may pose as a child online to detect, investigate and bring charges.

Posting Computer or Internet Messages to Cause Injury

In Mississippi, it is a felony to use a computer, internet or electronic means to post any message causing injury to another without the victim's consent.

Do Not Delay

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