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Internet Child Pornography Defense

The internet is the playground and the crime scene of the twenty-first century.

Child Pornography can appear without the your knowledge

Criminal charges of child pornography can arise from downloads from the internet. Peer to peer networks and shareware programs can automatically download and share files without the user even knowing. Sometimes malicious software such as a computer virus or a malware "hijack" is responsible for images or videos appearing on a computer. A hijacked computer can transmit images of child pornography without the owner's knowledge. Federal and Mississippi prosecutors have documented on numerous occasions how malicious codes can enter a computer though email, steal information, and deposit files all without the owner's knowledge.

The police will make a case regardless

Sometimes child pornography is unintentionally included in bulk file transfers of music. Child Pornography can be hidden in pop ups, videos or advertisements. File formats such as ZIP and video must first be opened before the contents can be viewed. Child pornography may be stored in a temporary folder on the computer's hard drive. Even if the computer owner did not intentionally download the images, the police are not going to change their mind or dismiss the charges or admit they made a mistake. Regardless of how a person got charged, it is imperative to act immediately.

Child Pornography is a serious felony charge

Child exploitation and pornography are felonies under Mississippi and Federal law. Both Mississippi and Federal law enforcement have specialized investigative units targeting child pornography, child exploitation and crimes against children. Computer forensic investigators and digital forensic scientists analyze digital media to prepare courtroom evidence. Downloading, possession, receipt and distributing child pornography are all serious charges with serious consequences.

Bad things can happen to good people

People from all walks of life can be charged with computer crimes. An innocent citizen can be targeted after his computer is infected. Solid citizens of good character can make a mistake, use poor judgment or do something wrong. A single isolated instance can result in an arrest. A whole range of very difficult emotions can become overwhelming. Feelings of guilt, stigma and shame surface after the secrecy ends. Overnight, a good citizen can be blamed, labeled and ostracized.

Get help now

We defend and represent individuals charged with internet and computer crimes in Mississippi and Federal court. We defend people like you. If your computer has been seized, if you are under investigation or if you have been arrested on a computer or internet charge, do not delay. Contact the Law Office of Rufus Alldredge, located in Gulfport, Mississippi (228)863-0123, immediately.