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Drug Court

"Let me be clear about this. I don’t have a drug problem. I have a police problem."
- Keith Richards, lead guitar, Rolling Stones

Drug Court is a Revolution in the Criminal Justice System

Drug Court is a new approach to problem solving. It was created to break the cycle of substance abuse, crime and prison. Drug Courts began over 20 years ago to rehabilitate drug using offenders, reduce relapse, and criminal behavior. Drug Court applies the disease model of addiction to the criminal justice system. It provides intensive treatment and other necessary services to get the participant clean and sober. Drug Court participation can be a sentencing alternative of treatment instead of a felony conviction, prison, and a criminal record.

How Drug Court Works

Drug Court is a structured program to identify and treat defendants whose drug use led to criminal activity and an arrest. Drug Court imposes structure in the person’s life. Accountability measures the defendant’s progress and behavior. Drug Court breaks the cycle of substance abuse by offering tools to stay clean, including education, employment, and drug counseling.

  • Drug Court integrates drug and alcohol treatment with judicially supervised probation;
  • Drug Court takes a collaborative approach to promote public safety and rehabilitation;
  • Eligible participants are identified early and diverted out of traditional criminal prosecution;
  • Drug Courts are a resource for substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation services;
  • Sobriety is monitored by frequent alcohol and drug testing;
  • Participant’s compliance is monitored by a coordinated strategy;
  • Each Drug Court participant interacts individually with the Drug Court judge;
  • Drug Court monitors and evaluates Drug Court goals and effectiveness individually and overall;
  • Drug Court leadership provides interdisciplinary education to promote planning, implementation and process; and
  • Community organizations, public agencies, and Drug Court generate grass roots support enhancing effectiveness.
Am I Eligible for Drug Court?

If you have been arrested and you are identified as a substance abuser, you could be screened for Drug Court. Non-violent offenders will have a legal review by the District Attorney and a clinical assessment by Drug Court. In Mississippi, the Drug Court participant cannot have any violent felony convictions in the last 10 years, or a pending crime of violence as defined by Mississippi law. Also excluded are charges of DUI causing death, and trafficking in controlled substances. Local Drug Courts are authorized to make their own rules.

Harrison, Hancock, and Stone County Drug Court

This Drug Court primarily accepts non-violent first offenders on charges that can be non-adjudicated. After screening, the participant must complete a minimum 30 day in patient treatment at an acceptable facility. Phase 1 includes intensive drug testing and meeting with your counselor, probation officer, and judge. Phases 2 and 3 involve the same structure on a less frequent basis. Gulfport defense lawyer Rufus Alldredge has helped many people with felony charges stemming from drug problems and helped them save their reputation.

Drug Court Can Dismiss and Expunge Serious Felony Charges

Successful completion of Mississippi Drug Court can dismiss the charge and prosecution. If you were convicted and sentenced when you pled guilty, successfully completing Drug Court can result in your criminal conviction being expunged.

How to get Started

If your loved one struggles with substance abuse and has been charged with a crime in Mississippi, call today. We can refer you to appropriate treatment resources, including Drug Court. Call Rufus Alldredge at 228.863.0123. We are located at 1921 22nd Avenue in Gulfport, Mississippi 39501 close to the federal and state courts.

Client Reviews
"Mr. Alldredge is an excellent lawyer. He has compassion for his clients and he delivered more than we expected! He and Nancy were exceptionally professional and were accommodating of my husband's tricky schedule. Rufus provided us with resources and guidance, and most importantly helped us build a strong case. Highly recommend!” Cherie Mire
"Mr. Alldredge is an incredible, kind hearted, knowledgeable attorney. If you ever find yourself in a position where you need an attorney that can help you navigate any kind of situation, he is the one. He ensures that you know as much as possible and ensures you are prepared. He made me feel calm and he always, always, is available for any questions or concerns. Highly recommend." Eva Beidelman
"MR. Alldredge worked with me while I was on a short time line do to having leave to go back to work in Germany. He ended up not only representing me but got the case dismissed and saved my military career. Now i see why all my friends recommended him and he hard earned reputation." Charles Pinkston