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Sentencing: First Offender Alternatives

A person with no prior convictions may under some circumstances, get through court without a felony conviction. This depends on many factors. The charge cannot involve violence, sex, manufacture, sale, transfer of drugs, or possession of a controlled substance with intent for consideration to the alternative programs.

In pretrial diversion, the defendant must admit guilt but is never convicted. Diversion is similar to probation. The defendant is supervised and monitored, including drug tests. Any restitution must be paid. At the conclusion of pretrial diversion the case is closed and the defendant is discharged without a conviction. Pretrial diversion is run by the District Attorney's office.

Under non-adjudication or deferred adjudication, the court accepts a plea of guilty but declines to enter a finding of guilt. The plea is held in abeyance. There are separate laws for non-adjudication of drug and non-drug offenses. This means that when the defendant completes all conditions including payment of fine, restitution and probation, he is discharged without a felony conviction. However the person's arrest record (NCIC, FBI, Triple I (Interstate Identification Index or III), and local criminal history) will show a felony arrest. After discharge, the defendant may apply to expunge (erase) the felony arrest from his record.

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"Mr. Alldredge is an excellent lawyer. He has compassion for his clients and he delivered more than we expected! He and Nancy were exceptionally professional and were accommodating of my husband's tricky schedule. Rufus provided us with resources and guidance, and most importantly helped us build a strong case. Highly recommend!” Cherie Mire
"Mr. Alldredge is an incredible, kind hearted, knowledgeable attorney. If you ever find yourself in a position where you need an attorney that can help you navigate any kind of situation, he is the one. He ensures that you know as much as possible and ensures you are prepared. He made me feel calm and he always, always, is available for any questions or concerns. Highly recommend." Eva Beidelman
"MR. Alldredge worked with me while I was on a short time line do to having leave to go back to work in Germany. He ended up not only representing me but got the case dismissed and saved my military career. Now i see why all my friends recommended him and he hard earned reputation." Charles Pinkston